Welcome To Cultivating Cozy

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

All the recipes on here are recipes that I have found across the the internet, tried them, tested them on my large family, neighbors, and friends, and then decided to post them only if they loved them. So they are only the favorites on here.

If you have looked at my posts at all, you can probably see that I have alot of book reviews, and things about books here. That’s because I am completely obsessed with books. They have bewitched me body, and soul. The books I post about are my personal favorites from childhood, to teens. (I’m a teen now by the way) And clean adult books I have really enjoyed. A good book to be is when it makes me laugh, cry, and want to throw my book at the same time. And makes me feel like I have lost a friend by the end of the book.

You will also find just some random stuff on here. Like movie reviews, household tips, and more!

A New, “About Me” page coming soon!

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