After The Dancing Days:Book Review


” That’s what Annie’s mother would like to do. She wants to forget the pain and heartache and to keep it away from Annie, too. But Annie cannot forget the death of her favorite uncle, who was killed in France. She cannot forget Andrew, the angry young veteran she meets at the hospital where her father works. Can Annie find the courage to help Andrew? And will she ever be able to make sense of a war that took so much from so many?

Drawn to the Kansas hospital where her father cares for wounded World War One veterans, Annie meets Andrew, a disfigured young soldier. As Annie helps Andrew slowly adjust to his wounds, she also faces devastating truths about war and the complex world of adulthood. A girl on the brink of womanhood comes to terms with the brutal aftereffects of war in an absorbing novel.”

My Review:

I love this book. I feel like so many people look at the war, and the big battles of World War 1. Not alot of people think about the soldiers and the after math. This book is about Andrew a wounded soldier. Its about a girl named Annie who has to learn how to acept Andrew. Its a book about how he recovered and moved on with life. I just love the story.

Is this book funny?

Well there may be parts in the book that are funny, but not lots.

Did this book make me cry?

Yes, I cryed so hard.

Would I read this book again?


Would I recommend this book to a friend?


My Rating:

5 out of 5

Have you read this book before? Have a book review you want me to do? Let me know by email, or comment below!

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