My top favorite songs!

I thought that this friday I would share a few of my favorite songs! I hope you will check them out and listen to them. I can’t get my links to work. Sorry!

  1. Heavens Not Too Far Away.” By: We Three. I love this song. The story behind the song is so good, and the lyrics. We three is a sibling group and first appeared on, “America’s Got Talent.” The story is about their mom and when she died they wrote this song in her prospective right before they died. Awwww……..It makes me cry every time I listen to it. I hope you check out the song!

2. “Thats Whats Up.” By: Lennon and Maisy. Lennon and Maisy are actress’s in a show called Nashville, I’m sure many of you has heard of the show. They are sisters in the show and actully sisters in real life too! This is my favorite song of theirs. Check it out!

3. “Make You feel My Love.” By: JJ Heller. There are many versions of this song, but JJ Heller’s version is the best. Her voice is so pretty, and special. And this song is so touching. When I get married someday this is the song I would want to walk down the aisle  to. 

4. “Just a Crush.” By: Grace Vanderwaal. This is such a fun, upbeat song and I love it! I don’t know a lot about the background, and story of the song. But it is so fun.

“Behind every favorite song, there is an untold story.”

Thanks for stopping by! I will be on vacation next week so you want here from me for two weeks! I hope you have a good two weeks!


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