Ten Clean Middle Grade/Teen Books (Series)That your Children, or even you would enjoy

Hello! Happy Tuesday, today I thought I would share some of my favorite middle grade, and teen book series. These are some of my personal favorites. All of these books that I’m going to recommend are clean. The only reason some of them are teen books, is because the books may be harder to read, or longer. I hope you check these books out, and enjoy!


  1. “A Fall Of Marigolds.” This book I would recommend 12 and up. Only because its story is set after the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, and the Nine Eleven. This book is all about being able to overcome grief. One of my favorites, Susan Meissner is one of the most talented writers.


2. “The Mother Daughter Book Club.” I LOVE this series! I highly recommend this series! Definitely more of a girly girl series. Ages 9 and up.


3. “The Princess Academy.” Another girly girl series. Ages 12 and up. There is some violence in this series. War, bandits, people getting killed. But I love this series, I think there needs to be some action sometimes. There is only three books in the series. But those three books are incredible!


4. “The Penderwicks.” I know that this is a very popular series, but it is for a reason. Follow along with the four sister, throughout there lives. meet Roseland, Skye, Jane, Batty, Jeffery, Tommy, and Hound. Trust me, people of all ages will love these books.

meet the

5. Another delightful book series. “Meet The Austins!” These books are written by the same person who wrote, “A Wrinkle In Time.” They are so fun, a must read! 10 and up.

me together

6. “Piecing Me Together.” This book is so remarkable. This book is saying just because your black, on the heavier side, and poor. Does not mean you should be looked down apon. Such a remarkable story! Ages 12 and up.

The Boundless

7. ” The Boundless.” Boys, and girls will love this book. A murder, the fastest train there is, and a key to a special door. boys will love this book, but there is also some romance and girl stuff, for girls to love this book too! Ages 12 and up.

Red Wall

8. “Redwall.” Sorta like the green ember series, expect with mice. So if you love the green ember series, then check out this series. 9 and up.


9. “The Christy Miller Series.” I have read this series countless times. One of my favorites. The best part is that there are more series after to continue Christys story.


10. “Wonder.” I know this is a very popular book. But I just love this book. The story of Auggie is amazing!

I hoped you liked this post, and check out some of my others. Let me know in the comments below if you have read any of these books, and what your favorite book is!

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