Book Lists

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home. -Anna Quindlen

Hi there! Have you ever just gone to the library and went to your favorite genre, and then just stared at all the books, and just get overwhelmed? I have. I love books, they take us to a place we have never been, and they take us on an adventure that we will probably never go on. If it is a good book, by the end of it we should of laughed, cryed, and feel sad when it is over. But it is so hard now days to find good books worth your time. So i put together a few book lists of my favorite books all different genres, and for different ages.  All of these books I have had an incredible journey worth, and love very much. And my dearest hope is that you will too. So, look no more. In these lists  their are books for everyone!

YR Mean ages 7+

MA Means 9-12

YA Means 12+

Books for Ages 7-10

kids this age are usually just wanting to begin chapter books. So these books are just are some of my favorite early reads. They can be read by anyone, any age. But they were written for younger readers. But the storys are for anyone.  Be warned, if you, or your child starts crying by the end of Bridge To Terabithia is okay, everybody does. or if your son starts cracking up in the middle of Mouse And A Motercycle don’t think he is crazy.

all of a kind   stehank




Fantasy books are so much fun! The definition for fantasy means, the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable. And thats exactly what it is. Things that could never happen in real life. Thats why this genre is so fun. Because you can read about dragons, princess’s, and so much more. Its the impossible.

let the sky fallStoriesRed Wall

Let The Sky Fall, YA                     Land of Stories, MA                   RedWall, MA


Keeper of the Lost Cities, MA     The Green Ember, MA             Cinder, YA


Narnia, YR        On The Edge Of The Sea of darkness, YA       Princess Acadamy, MA

hobbit magicbook of

The Hobbit, YA                                       Half Magic, MA                          Book Of A Thousand Days, YA

Christian Fiction

Christian Fiction is one of my personal favorites. Its Used for works of imaginative fiction that promote Christian teachings or exemplify a Christian way of life. For me these christian fiction people are my rolemodels, people I look up too. Alot of them help me with my faith as well. And I love how all the christian books I read are clean.

christychristy 1love

The Christy Miller Series, YA       Christy, YA                          Love Comes Softly, YA


They Loved To Laugh, YA          Amos Fortune, YA                       Elsie Dinsmore, MA

Violet1lacewhere courage calls

Violet Travilla, MA                      A Gown Of Spanish Lace, YA        Where Courage Calls, YA

Classic Literature

I love classic literature. I love the grammer in classic Literature. And old books are just so great. Some people say that they don’t like old books. But old books are my favorite books. Think about where the books have gone, the places they have been. They are a treasure. Think about the people who has loved the same books, and has held the same book.


To Kill A Mockingbird, YA             Pride and Prejudice, YA             Sense and Sensibility, YA

woman.jpgisland.jpg men.jpg

Little Woman, MA                   Treasure Island, MA        Little Men, MA

Picture Books

I say your never to old for picture books.Trust me I have had plenty of tears, and laughter with picture books.




More Fiction

Here are some more of my favorite  fiction books!

me togetherThe Boundlessvanderbeeker

Peicing Me Together, YA      The Boundless, MA           The Vanderbeekers, MA

daughterhear my crywonder

The Mother Daughter Book Club, YA  Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, YA    Wonder, MA

meet thehattie big sky

Meet The Austins, YA     Hattie Big Sky, YA

I hope you enjoy this booklist. If you have any other questions, or want anymore sugestions, contact me either through my email, or by comenting. Thanks